Laboratory Services Specialized for Transplantation and Biomedical Applications

Cord Blood Banks

As a full-service laboratory for histocompatibility, microbiology and infectious disease testing, LABS is committed to providing quality testing services to ensure that we support your high standards for cord blood banking.

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Bone Marrow Transplant Programs

We are a comprehensive, highly accredited, clinical reference testing laboratory serving the needs of Bone Marrow Transplant Programs with over thirty-five years of laboratory expertise.

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Eye Banks

You can trust LABS to provide laboratory testing services that meet your unique requirements and help ensure that your patients see successful outcomes.

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Organ Procurement Organizations

Critical test results are available in less than eight hours from sample receipt.

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Reproductive Programs

When time-sensitive testing of patient donations is required, LABS provides round-the-clock laboratory services for rapid results.

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Regenerative Medicine & Cellular Therapy

LABS can meet all your testing needs, as the fields of regenerative medicine and cellular therapy continue to evolve.

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Tissue Processors

Today, hospitals handle more than a million tissue transplants annually. LABS proficiently meets the demand for testing with around-the-clock service and live customer support.

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Transplant Programs

While automated computer identification is possible, our HLA experts perform antibody identification for each patient, taking into consideration sensitization history and the complete clinical picture.

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