Laboratory services specialized for transplantation and biomedical applications.



LABS provides laboratory services specialized for transplantation and biomedical applications. We combine our industry-leading credentials with a customer consultative approach to deliver precisely what’s needed, when and how it’s needed. As a result, our customers are able to make safe, informed and prompt decisions that impact their business, and the lives of those they serve.

In addition to our high quality, timely and accurate results, we operate under a simple and straightforward people-first philosophy. From biomedical professionals to their customers, from donors and their families to the physicians and their patients, we are committed to delivering a consultative, collaborative and caring experience.


LABS supports your need to streamline critical information-gathering associated with the transplantation process.

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Infectious Disease

Quality is built in to all of our testing and we have redundant platform options to alleviate testing downtime.

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We produce quality results and our customers can be assured that the care and handling of all samples is our first concern.

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Other Services

When timing is everything and quality results are key, LABS provides the testing services you need.

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